Soil Prep after new construction

Asked August 2, 2013, 9:34 PM EDT

We just built a house and the builder used "sandy loam" to fill. Fortunately, the dirt from our septic field was used first so we only have about 4 inches of loam until you hit native dirt. The loam used is pink (horrible from what I gather) and not the dark brown/fertile stuff. Our native dirt is clay. So Im thinking of tilling it to 8-12 inches and adding compost. The question: how much compost and what type?

Williamson County Texas soil

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Native clay soil is usually rich in nutrients, but often has structure and tilth issues with low pore space for air and water.
Adding 4-5 inches of any organic-based compost and tilliing it into the top 8-10 inches will improve your top soil and make a great seed bed ffor your landscape.