Autumn Blaze tree

Asked August 2, 2013, 5:44 PM EDT

Our 5 ½ year Autumn Blaze tree leaves began turning brown on the south side about two weeks ago. Within the last week, the south side is really brown. The tree is on the west side of the house. Both the middle and north side of the tree are still green. The brown leaves have not dropped off and are still soft to the touch. The tree did receive the hail damage of Lakewood two and three years ago but seemed to have come through that okay. The trunk is also turning brown on the south side within the last few days.We deep watered the tree about 10 days ago and poked holes around the tree to give it air. It has looked great for the last five summers although has not grown as much as its sister just to the north of her but does not look out of portion to that sister (just not as quite as tall.)Help! What can we do so we do not lose the tree.Thank you for your help!!Ron and Ann

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From your description, it sounds like your tree possibly has sunscald. Please see this fact sheet, which describes sunscald:

The tree to the west of your home may be in the "right " location to have developed the problem.