I am a caregiver in California and have an emergency need for financial support.

Asked August 1, 2013, 7:05 PM EDT

i am a caregiver for two family member. 19 yr old daughter and amputee husband who just passed away. I am in the process of getting surgery to have half a kidney removed. In March i had a heart attack from stress of caring for husband with dementia and other severe health issues. during my stay a test revealed a 10mm mass in my kidney. we need help financially, urgently. i am about to lose PG&E (medical need based) because bill is higher than standard limit for local charities. $4000.00. We lost two months of my caregiver pay because of my daughters FASFA money for school. that is when I had heart attack. this set us back two months on rent. I need my surgery, but my husband passed away two weeks ago leaving no income for my family. I have no problem working as a caregiver , but need help while we go through four month process to receive adult child ssi for my daughter. I am desperate and local Charities will not help me because i am not currently employed and PG7E is above the limit. By trying to do it ourselves and not asking for help earlier, we are in big trouble , right now. $ our immediate need is 2890.00 back rent or we can use to move if need be, and A little over 4000.00 for PG&E that was not shut off due to medical necessity. Our PG7E will be normal now that my honey has passed. i am hoping i will be able to have the surgery and work as much as it takes to get on our feet. I am in no way lazy, and never count on others financially. I prefer giving, actually enjoy it very much. This is a very hard place to be. Please take extra steps to help us or direct us. We are running out of time, health wise and financially. I just don't know where to turn. My families assistance was used up. We barely made his cremation and have had no service.I am in a place wher i have to be humble. It is the hardest thing.

Sonoma County California

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Thank you for your question and I'm sorry to hear about your situation. While we strive to provide quality, research-based information, we are not able to provide financial assistance. Your best source of information and potentially help is to contact the Human Services Department for the County of Sonoma. Go to http://www.sonoma-county.org/human/ and see if they can provide help. Best of luck.