How can I control the tree shoots in my lawn?

Asked July 31, 2013, 9:36 PM EDT

We have some large trees in our yard and in the Summertime the roots underground shoot up green leaves through our grass. They are taking over our grass and they grow faster than our grass so it is quite ugly. Is there a way to control this problem? We love the shad we get from the trees, but we really hate all the shoots! Thanks.

Utah County Utah trees and shrubs

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All you can do if these sprouts are coming from the roots is mow them or dig them out, maybe including a section of the root as well. However, digging them out will just encourage the tree to do it more. There is a sprout inhibitor chemical you can apply called Tre-Hold, but I'm not sure it works very well. Also I don't know what it would do to grass. I am sure you would have to apply it every year. Most trees don't sprout from their roots, so another alternative is to plant different trees.