Bulb plant ID?

Asked July 31, 2013, 11:00 AM EDT

I live in Copperfield subdivision in Bryan, Texas, Brazos county. This plant showed up in a sunny part of my yard in the middle of July, never before seen and obviously I did not plant it. I have been in the home for six summers and have never seen it. It is a bulb, about 14" tall and bloomed mid July. The bloom lasted for less than a week. Orange small tulip-like flower about 1-1/2" tall. No visible leaves on the plant, only two small (1/4" shriveled leaves) per plant. The seed pods showed up this week. The entire appearance and reproduction of the plant was less than one month. I searched multiple web images online and can't find anything similar. Two weekends ago i saw the bloom and preserved the small group from mowing. I mow this part of the yard biweekly and have not watered this part of the yard this summer. The blooms were orange and the next day I took my wife out to show her and the the blooms were already faded. The lots in Copperfield were not mass graded, so it is possible that the soil was only slightly disturbed during construction during the 1980's. I have post oaks, hackberry, yaupon holly and had blackjack oak in my yard. The soil is sandy and west facing slope that is well drained. I am thinking it could have been part of a post oak community, but this is only speculation, because it is not showing up anywhere as an ornamental bulb. The previous owners had clusters of remnant thicket around the yard and converted it to turf about seven years ago. Any idea what this might be? Very well could be and exotic planted by a previous owner, but I have no clue what it is.

Brazos County Texas bulbs

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More than likely you have one of the rain lily's.