Converting 1/2 Hectare of Grassland to a Vegetable Test Plot in Mali,West Africa

Asked July 31, 2013, 5:37 AM EDT

I am in the process of beginning a test plot for a vegetable gardening program for small-scale producers in Bamako, Mali. I have rented a small 1/2 hectare plot of land for use but at the moment it is mostly grassland and weeds. I need to clear it quickly and get started planting and I am looking for some advice on the fastest, most feasible way to clear the land. I do not have access to heavy farm machinery. I have been looking into using goats or a herbicide treatment. Any advice or comments would be most welcomed!

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I am sharing a solution which a colleague (Joe Kemble) and I both agree on which will involve the utilization of goats. Goats are the best option. They are quick at clearing an area and will eat mostly anything. Depending on the types of weeds you have out there, goats will generally dig up any tubers, nuts and/or other types of root systems from the weeds as well. You also get the benefit of the manure. To get them to concentrate on the area, either fence them or use a leash.