Horntail (wood) wasps

Asked July 30, 2013, 7:31 PM EDT

I've noticed several large (1.5-2 inches long) wasp-like insects flying around our back yard. I only get a glimpse of them when they slam into my sliding glass door and then fly off. I don't think they're cicada killers..the striping on the abdomen looks more like a wood wasp. How can I figure out where they're living and more importantly, how can I exterminate the infestation?

New Castle County Delaware

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I need to see the insect before I can make any reliable diagnosis or direction in terms of managing the insect. Cicada killers do not need treatments (nor is there anything very effective) and a similar species (size and color) may not need treatments. This would depend on the species and location of the home/ landscape with a problem. Please try and collect one of these insects or take a picture and forward/bring to your nearest cooperative extension office. In New Castle county, the closest office is on Wyoming Road. I am infrequently in the office during the summer and if you want to try and catch me here you could leave it in the entomology office in Townsend Hall if you had to. I don't know what you mean by a 'wood wasp'. Many wasps live in or near wooded locations and there are a number that attack plants.