Cedar Trees

Asked July 30, 2013, 1:11 PM EDT

Good morning! While leaving for work this AM I noticed our huge cedar trees have some parts turning yellow. What do I need to look for, or is this possibly just a normal reaction towards the end of summer? I know we always have cedar needles on the ground that I rake up in the spring.

Lane County Oregon

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Tell me more about the trees. Are all of the trees turning, in part, yellow?
Are whole branches turning yellow?
Is the yellow a general condition or is it associated with discrete parts of the tree?
Finally, do you know what type of "cedars" they are?

Danny McGrath

There are two huge trees. They both are going yellow just along the center of the large branches that come out of the tree with the outside parts still dark green and healthy looking. I do not know the type of cedar. I can take photos tonight as I will be home early enough to where there is daylight today.

Yes, I will need to see a picture.
The center leaves only along the middle of large branches?
What percentage of the tree(s) foliage is showing this symptom?
Top to bottom, is the whole tree showing this symptom?

Awaiting your picture.


Here are three photos. I hope they came out ok. :)

I really appreciate this!

What I see in the photos is what is referred to as "flaging", yellow dying foliage surrounded by otherwise normal looking foliage. Did I get that right? In other words, parts of the branch are dying while other parts of the same branch appear normal.

If this is the pattern, it suggests that it is not a root problem, which would express itself more generally. Hmmmm.....

I suggest you get a ladder and check the base of the dying foliage. See if there is any evidence of damage at the base of the dying twigs?