Can you please tell me the name of this very prolific and thus annoying weed....

Asked July 29, 2013, 6:46 PM EDT

Can you please tell me the name of this very prolific and thus annoying weed. I can not find it in any book or online list of weeds. It seems to grow from a corm? but is hard to get rid of as it pulls up easily but leaves its corm in the ground. Each plant has only three leaves and what I think is its flowering part is on the left in the picture and is just a primitive looking green shoot.

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification jack in the pulpit

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From your photo it looks like the plant may be Jack-in-the-pulpit, Arisaema. There are several species. You can go to Google and select Images to see if this is what you are referring to.

I looked up Jack-in-the-pulpit, Arisaema. While there is some resemblance, none of the images of the many species online looked like the ones I have. There are hundreds of them in our community garden and all of them are single stemmed plants having only 3 leaves never any more than that. The other part that gives it that Jack-in-the-pulpit look looks just like a curled leaf and is the same green as the leaves and has no spathe. Perhaps it is too unremarkable a species of Arisaema to merit a picture online or in book but Is there anything else it could be?

We think the plant is in the above family but not sure which one. We need better photos. If possible send photos of the front of the spathe, any seed pods, and the foliage.