how to get rid of stickers

Asked July 29, 2013, 5:30 PM EDT

Recently moved in to another house that has done kind of weed keep pulling up that produces stickers. seems like the sprout up overnight. any suggestions on how to reclaim the yard. with 4 little boys it would be nice. thanks.

Mesa County Colorado

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Are you talking about puncturevine (also called goat heads)? It is for sure a nasty weed! The good thing though is that it's an annual, and can be pulled/hoed pretty easily. If possible, I would recommend physical removal. If you spray, you can kill the plants but those nasty stickers will still be there and will grow new plants.

Once the weeds are gone, get some grasses or ground covers going in that area - they will help prevent future weeds.

Good luck!

Sounds like the same. Is there anything to put out to prevent them?

You can get a pre-emergent herbicide to put down to keep the seeds from germinating. It will have to be watered in. I just checked with our weed inspector, who said they put it down in April and again in June for puncturevine. They use one called Pendulum, but there are others on the market. Just be sure it's a pre-emergent.