strange yellow vine

Asked July 28, 2013, 4:48 PM EDT

There is a strange yellow vine strangling out my onions along with my sunflowers and morning glories. It never produces a leaf or a root, but puts off small clusters of white flowers. What is this thing and is there a way I can prevent future occurrences like this one? I would be more than happy to provide pictures, and samples.

Mesa County Colorado

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It's a parasitic plant called dodder. It can be pretty difficult to manage - here is some information about it:

You may have to resort to hand management in the garden. It does have true flowers and grows from seed - but shortly after germination it needs to find a host plant in order to survive. If you can catch it as a seedling before it finds a host, you can simply pull it.

To make it easier to manage in the future, do what you can to remove any flowers/seed at this time.

Good luck!