black gamecock iris

Asked July 28, 2013, 7:38 AM EDT

I am container growing a black gamecock iris. I keep it very wet and the green foliage is beautiful and green but I cannot get it to bloom. It is in partial shade, could that be the problem? Is there any way to force it to bloom? I really don't have full sun anywhere in my small yard.

Lake County Florida

1 Response

Louisiana Iris are well suited to growing in Central Florida. To flower well, they do require full sun. It sounds like the lack of sun may be your issue. Locate your container in the sunniest location you have, and fertilize it with a bloom special type fertilizer product. These will be high in the middle number. This is phosphorous and phosphourus helps to promote flowering. Hopefuly this will help stimulate your plant to flower. Remember that you can always contact the Lake County Extension Extension Service for more information. they have horticulturists and Master Gardener Volunteers ready to help. They can be reached at 352-343-4101 and are located at 1951 Woodlea Rd. in Tavares. Have a great gardening day.