What kind of a plant do I have in my home?

Asked July 27, 2013, 11:48 PM EDT

Hopefully I attached photos showing the leaf and the entire plant.
Please let me know what the name of this plant is. It is a small ornamental plant, about two feet high, with 7 or so clusters of leaves on two main stems or trunks. The leaf is about 2 inches long, dark green, with five or so lobes on both sides. The leaf border is yellow, though most of the leaf is dark green. The leaf is shiny and somewhat waxy to the touch. It grows in a small pot. If pics not showing, let me know and the email address to which I can send the photos again. I imagine the plant came to us with one or two other small plants from some nursery in Montreal, Canada. Thanks.

Outside United States

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It looks like a false aralia to me. This is a houseplant.