Asked July 27, 2013, 8:04 PM EDT

I live in Greenville, Tx, NE of Dallas. I have 2 acres of property with several large post oak trees. I am looking for a variety of fescue or ryegrass to plant under the trees to prevent erosion as some of the property is sloped. Any suggestions? Some trees seem to have a native fescue type plant scattered already. Thank you.

Hunt County Texas

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Hello. This is Sara Allen with the Hunt County Extension Office in Greenville. I will attempt to answer your question with the information provided, but would also welcome you to call our office (903)455-9885 to discuss further.
Ryegrass and fescue are cool season grasses, and we are approaching the time of year to plant them, which is mid-September to mid-October. If this is in a lawn type situation, then any turf type ryegrass available at garden centers would serve the purpose of providing some erosion control during the fall and winter months. The same goes with turf type fescues.
HOWEVER, both of these grasses will not perpetuate in the summer months in our area due to the heat. So you need to also find a warm season grass such as bermuda that will serve the same purpose. To recommend a grass, I would need to know how shady the area is. If it is complete shade under large trees, then I would most likely not recommend a grass at all, but rather a ground cover like asian jasmine. Finally, it is extremely important NOT to disturb the soil too much around/under these trees. Doing too much around/under trees can cause damage to the roots, thus a decline in the trees. I hope this helps you somewhat. As I said, if you have further questions feel free to give us a call.