Tomato Plant Growth

Asked July 27, 2013, 2:39 PM EDT

This year my tomato plants are not growing nor setting on tomatoes. They have blooms but no setting on. They were planted in mid-May and this is the first year this has happened. My daughter has the same problem. Can you help?

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Tomato pollination is temperature dependant. Moderate temperatures between 65 degrees and 85 degrees are the best temperatures for growing tomatoes.

If nighttime temperatures drop below 55 degrees, pollen fails to develop and flowers that open the following morning will not set fruit. Also, the first week of June had nighttime temperatures of around 42 degrees, which will completely stop the growth of the plant: which results in extending the total growth period.

If morning temperatures reach 90 degrees before noon, blossoms that opened that morning will abort. Tomato plants will also stop growing when temperatures reach 95 degrees.

The fluctuation in the weather this year is most likely the reason for the trouble.

I'm attaching some links to growing tomatoes along the Front Range: