goldenrain tree dying

Asked July 27, 2013, 7:27 AM EDT

I was visiting a friend in Denver and she has 5 goldenrain trees in her backyard. They have been there for about 10 years and done well, but this year, the tree (Tree A) that always seemed the healthiest (produced the most blossoms and seed pods) started leafing out and then stopped and now appears to be dying. A second one (Tree B) only partially leafed out and looks very sad. When Tree A first started having problems, she noticed that the trunk of the tree was splitting near the bottom and new shoots were coming out. They broke off the shoots and wrapped the trunk but this hasn't helped. She has an inground irrigation system and hasn't changed anything about how she has cared for the trees. The other three goldenrain trees all seem fine. Do you have any suggestions about what she can do to save the trees? I am uploading a couple pictures of the problem.

Denver County Colorado

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With the severe heat and drought last summer, following by the winter drought, and temperature swings this spring, we have been seeing a lot of mature, otherwise healthy trees decline. Furthermore, goldenrain tree is on the edge of its cold-hardiness zone here in Denver. Wrapping the tree at this time will not be effective - it should only be used on young trees in the wintertime to prevent sunscald and can actually be detrimental. Remove any deadwood, continue to irrigate properly, avoid injury to roots, and fertilize according to soil test results. She is lucky to have 3 other trees that are still doing well.