dry splochy leaves

Asked July 26, 2013, 6:53 PM EDT

I have five mature maple trees along the road in front of my house. One of them is suddenly drying out and the leaves are splotchy and falling off. A few weeks ago, just before we noticed this problem starting, we had a large silver maple removed. I shaded two of our remaining trees part of the day so we originally thought it just wasn't used to the sun but the other tree seems to be doing fine. I also wonder if we are getting some interaction between trees because the tree removal service applied a stump killer (I think just Round up) to the tree that was taken down. Any ideas what it likely is and what we need to do to save the tree?


Box Elder County Utah

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If it is the same species as the one that was taken down, it likely has roots grafted to the tree that was removed. Herbicide used to kill the stump can travel through the grafts to the other tree. It would have to have started after the tree was cut down. Also it is more likely if this is the closest tree to the one that was removed. However, the injured tree looks like a Norway maple and my guess is that it wouldn't form root grafts with a silver maple. It actually looks a lot like leaf scorch, which is just burning of the leaves due to heat and lack of water. It can happen if the tree is getting a lot of water if the tree has girdling roots. Take some close up photos of the base of the tree so I can see if it looks like girdling roots. If so its trunk would go straight into the soil instead of flaring out. Send the photos to this site or to me at mike.kuhns@usu.edu.