Norway Spruce trees

Asked July 26, 2013, 10:20 AM EDT

My trees are 10 years old and the tops are turning brown and curling over. Is this a disease or an insect and what must I do to save my trees?

Iosco County Michigan

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Spruces are bing attacked by a number of different fungi and insects. One of the most prevalent funguses throughout the country is one called Cytospora. Here is a web site for you detialing this problem. Se if your tree's symptoms fit the ensuring description of the fungus and it's effects. and/or one from Montana:

Another factor that could be affecting your tree is the White Pine Weevil (Pissodes strobi). This insect attacks the trees by burrowing into the bark near the top of the tree. They tunnel inward and downward. To find evidence of this critter you neec to look for small exit holes through which the adults emerge after crysallizing. You would need to cut well below the area where you may find the holes and then destroy the dead wood. To try to prevent future infestations, if that is what you find, spray in early spring before new growth starts with methoxychlor or Meta-Systox. The spray cycles must be at 10 day intervals for three applications. Look on the internet for ways to replace the dead leader or top of your tree.

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