skunk removal

Asked July 25, 2013, 5:56 PM EDT

We have a skunk family (mother & 3 youngsters) in our barn. How do we get rid of them?


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Skunks can carry diseases, including rabies, that are harmful to your family, pets, and other animals. Therefore, do not approach them for any reason. Skunks are omnivores so make sure that they do not have access to garbage, pet food, animals feed, etc. They are also looking for a safe nesting place so try to close off access to attractive nesting locations.

With that said, and with you already having skunks in residence, call in a professional wildlife removal service to take them away. An internet search on "animal removal Delaware" found at least three services that may meet your needs. I do not have any experience with their services and this is not a recommendation of the companies, but I can give your their web addresses to help you get started with your search.