Growing an avocado tree from an avocado seed

Asked July 25, 2013, 4:05 PM EDT

I have followed the instructions for California Avocado Web site. As of now it has been more than two months that I have avocado seeds on my window kitchen sill, but has grown quite a bit of a root system. The only thing is that the seed is split in two, but has not spouted a stem from the top side, which should make ideal to plant on soil.

Please advise me on what to do next.

Javier M. Valenciano

Webb County Texas

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You can try planting the seed in some vermiculite or a perlite-peat moss mixture but leaving part of the seed exposed to see if this helps with adequate moisture. An avocado embryo or what will eventually become the shoot or stem can only survive a few days at normal room temperature and humidity because they easily desiccate compared to other plants. This may have already happened and will not get an avocado plant. See if this helps.

Thank you for your immediate response to my avocado question. I have planted the seed in a 12 in container with a 50/50 combination of native soil and Scotts moisture advantage premium potting soil N .07%, P2O5 01%, K2O .03%. Could it help? I did plant the seed following your suggestion half covered with soil with the other half exposed. Should I have it wet or let it drain to keep it moist?

Can you elaborate a bit more on your suggestion. I am not a garder, just a citizen curious about growing an avocado tree from seed. Where can I get the materials needed, how much?

Thank you,

Let it drain but keep it moist. The materials needed are basically what is found in the Scott's moisture advantage premium potting soil except Scott's has coconut hulls. The materials I discussed are in the larger gardening stores or online stores. Your Scott's mixture should work and if no shoots grow that means that it has already done so and dried up.