Hi, something is eating my roses and pepper plants. They are eating other...

Asked July 25, 2013, 2:47 PM EDT

Hi, something is eating my roses and pepper plants. They are eating other plants too but not as vigorously. I sprayed with seven spray several time. I will send pics. Thank u for your help. I have more pics but I am only allowed to send one.

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This is not anything to be greatly concerned about. It is very common, and o.k. that your pepper leaves are being eaten. Unless defoliation rises to about the 20% mark, no ill effects will be seen, and no corrective action is needed. Stop spraying with Sevin unless you actually see a pest. It will only kill what it contacts, and if you don't see any, it may be night feeding chafer beetles. Using the pesticide indiscriminately will kill other insects which are beneficial to have in your garden.
For the roses, the damage could be rose slugs, which are the larvae of a sawfly (which are hard to see), or japanese beetles, which are easy to see. If you see the beetles, you can sweep them into a container of soapy water held beneath them. They will fall in and drown. The rose slug damage is mostly over for the season. The roses are tired after blooming and once they rest a bit they will work on producing new growth. You can help them along by feeding them with a balanced rose fertilizer in the next month or so.