Asked July 25, 2013, 2:39 PM EDT

How do I get rid of wiregrass?

Sussex County Delaware

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I have assumed that the wire grass invader is in your cool season grass lawn. Getting rid of wiregrass , aka Bermuda grass, is difficult and tricky depending on where it is and where it is spreading from. Wiregrass grows from seeds, rhizomes below ground and stolons above ground. Therefore pulling, and tilling it into the soil will break it into many small stems that can root and exacerbate the problem. Use a glyphosate product to spot treat areas where wiregrass is growing. BUT BE CAREFUL! Glyphosate is a nonspecific herbicide that will also kill desirable grass and plants with which it comes in contact. If the wiregrass has invaded the desirable grass in your lawn, you will have to sacrifice some it in order to get rid of the invader. If the wiregrass is near ornamental plants and shrubs or trees, be sure to protect them from overspray. Wiregrass is a warm season grass. Therefore glyphosate should be applied while it is actively growing in July and August. Wait two weeks and treat any remaining wiregrass. Be sure to follow the product instructions for use and personal protection. In another two weeks dig out the dead wiregrass fill with new top soil to level and reseed.

if the wiregrass is invading from your neighbor's property, you may want to consider a trench or bamboo barrier. However, you will still need to be on the lookout for encroachment and any new seeded wiregrass that appears in your lawn and treat it immediately.

It would be a good idea to get a soil test of your lawn if you have not done so in the last three years. This will tell you what amendments your lawn may need for healthy growth. For information about how to manage a healthy lawn see http://delawarelivablelawns.com/homeowner.php and check out the quick links; especially Managing a Healthy Lawn.

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