how do i get rid of Japenese stilt grass

Asked July 25, 2013, 2:05 PM EDT

how do i get rid of Japenese stilt grass?

New Castle County Delaware

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To control Japanese Stilt grass the first step is to know what it will kill it and what will out compete it.
If you have an area were you don't mind complete eradication of all plants use glyphosate (Round up type) herbicide. Make the first application in mid summer well before it goes to seed Observe the area about ten days after application and repeat if some plants survived. You will need to repeat treatment for the following two summers because the herbicide will not kill seeds left from previous years.

If you have a meadow area with that has perennial grasses, do not mow until after July 1. The perennial grasses will keep the stilt grass from germinating. Then don't mow again until about the tenth of September This will keep any stilt grass that has sneaked in from going to seed. This defines stilt grass, it doesn't compete with tall perennial grasses and it goes to seed in early September.

If you want to control stilt grass in a lawn, If the stilt grass is plentiful you may want to use the round up approach and plan on reseeding. If the stilt grass is only sporadically in your lawn, don't let it go to seed Pull it out by hand for two or three years in late summer, or in August mow high (3") and mow 1.5 - 2" in early September, you again want to keep it from going to seed.

If you have a shady area you need to realize that stilt grass does pretty well in shade., so don't let it germinate or go to seed fro a couple three years. I usually use the Glyphosate herbicide in shady areas.

In flower beds I usually pull out by hand, particularly when it is about to go to seed.