Source of real organic compost

Asked July 24, 2013, 9:54 AM EDT

I am looking for sources for real organic compost in the Boulder area to fill raised beds in a hoop house.
I understand that much of the so-called organic compost is made partially of grass clippings which in many cases may have been treated with chemicals.

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Regarding your question about organic compost, we cannot recommend a provider specifically. Many of the local nurseries sell bags of products that are labeled organic so you could get recommendations from them. And you're right to worry about grass clippings being laced with herbicides.

One thing I would like to mention: you said "to fill raised beds in a hoop house." Many people don't know that you are only supposed to have about 7% organic matter in your soil at the maximum. Good top soil with a bit of compost is the way to go. I hope this helps.

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