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I am working on a lesson about beans. There are some beans I have found I am not very familiar with. I was wondering if someone could help me find some more information on them. They are: Rice Beans, Calypso Beans, Jacobs Beans, and Flageolets. Any help or information would be great!


Amanda Hamilton

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unfortunately I am not familiar with these bean varieties, but have pulled some information together for you.
Rice beans (Yiu Yang)
70-90 days good baking beans with testure similar to Yellow Eye, strong 15" plant, round blue & white seeds that dry to black and white, 4-54 seeds per pod, from the Caribbean

Jacobs beans
Jacobs Cattle 80-100 days, Beautivful bean of ancient origin, 24" bush, kidney-shaped white seeds speckled with deep-maroon. very popular in New Englan d and other cool short season areas, good yields of dry beans for baking or soup. Possibly developed in virginia byh Jacob Trout.
Jacob's Cattle Gasless - 80-85 days, Trout type, prolific bushes, pale pink flowers, green pods ripen to yellow, kidney shaped white seeds spashed with maroon, bred by Dr. Summer and Dr. Radcliff Pike (UNH, late 1950's) who crossed Jacobs Cattle with MexicAZn Black Turtle. Primarily a baking bean, although edible briefly as green snap (not stringless), low flatulence was accidental.

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Bill Best sells heirloom beans in Kentucky his site is very good, but doew not cover the vrieties that you are looking for.