Mowing the Lawn

Asked July 23, 2013, 1:05 PM EDT

When I cut the grass, no matter how tall i cut it it seems to clump up. I always cut when the grass is dry. and my discharge flap is always up. How can i stop this?


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This sounds like you are waiting too long between mowings so you are cutting off too much grass for the mower to handle. Try mowing more frequently.

Thanks but I can mow every other day and high as possible and still have trouble. My uncle only mows his lawn every 3 weeks and has no trouble. Could it be the type of grass?

I would be surprised if it is the type of grass. However, here is another suggestion from another expert that might help: I would suggest cleaning the underside of the deck and apply spray silicone to the entire underside of the mower deck. Make sure you let it dry completely before you mow again. This should reduce the issue, but washing under the mower deck is a part of the regular maintains. Good Luck! John John Clendaniel Farm Management Specialist & ANR Program Leader Delaware State University Facebook: John Clendaniel Posted about 18 hours ago edit | revision history