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Asked July 22, 2013, 9:35 PM EDT

Please help. Our residence is infested with millipedes. Every evening they climb up our house, are all over our sidewalks, and in the morning there are millions of dead ones all over the place. This happened last year and we had a professional spray our lawn, but we do live in the woods and I'm afraid that we cannot keep up with these stinking worms. Our driveway is 800 feet long and they are that far away. We have talked to other people and they have them, too, just not as bad. We live at 1844 mountain road, Osterburg PA 16667). We have pets, so we don't want to hurt them by treating our yard. We are spraying a perimeter of 12 inches out away from our foundation but would it be better to go our much farther and spray a barrier so at least they will die in the yard instead of right where we walk. Thanks so much for your help and feel free to come and see our madness! Sue Kane 814-285-1587

Bedford County Pennsylvania

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