Asked July 22, 2013, 12:46 PM EDT

Why is my zucchini not producing? The leaves look fine, there's a little browning near the stem end, but that's all I've noticed.

Kent County Delaware

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Zucchini has two types of flowers, male and female, on the same plant. The plant first produces male flowers. As the plant gets older it then produces the female flowers. You can tell the difference between a male and female flower in that the female flower has an immature zucchini behind the flower. A male flower is born on a long stalk with no immature zucchini. If a plant is not yet mature it will lack female flowers and will not produce fruit. Extremely hot weather can also be a factor in limiting zucchini fruit growth. In hot weather zucchini plants may only produce male flowers. The last major factor is a lack of bee activity. In order for the immature zucchini to grow, it needs to be pollinated. Lack of sufficient pollen will not allow the zucchini to develop. To ensure pollination, put pollen on a cotton swab and then place it on pistil of the female flower.