Space btn. crape myrtles & mixing the colors

Asked July 22, 2013, 1:15 AM EDT

I plan to plant crape myrtles of the upright variety in my front yard in a rectangular space with ground cover below:
1. what is the ideal space between each tree?
2. I want to plant/display as many of the different colors as the space will allow me. Is mixing the colors a bad idea?
Nani (Houston, TX)

Harris County Texas crape myrtles

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The spacing should be at least the mature size of the variety you purchase. Crowded plants are more prone to disease problems due to poor air circulation through the foliage canopy. The plant may have a tag listing its mature height and width. If you know the variety but not it's size an online search may help. Here is a web site that lists the size of many types of crape myrtles.
When possible choose one that will grow to the mature size you want rather than having to prune it annually to keep it in bounds.

As far as mixing colors is concerned that is up to your own aesthetic preferences. Most crape myrtles have colors that look good together. It can be a good strategy to mix a white with a light pink and a dark pink or lavender. Look at some photos online and see what appeals to you.