BL Wyandotte and Buff Orpington Chicks - Cockerels or Pullets?

Asked July 20, 2013, 5:45 PM EDT

We have a small backyard flock and four little kids who have become very attached to our new pets. We have already had to get rid of one of our 10-week-old chicks because it turned out to be a rooster, and I'm pretty sure another one of them is a rooster. Now we have some 4-week-old replacement chicks, also from Dunlap Hatchery, which guarantees 95% pullets. However, a knowledgeable chicken owner just told me that my two new ones are roosters too! Can you take a look and give me your opinion? Or can you tell me at what age I can tell and what I should look for? I would like to get rid of them now if they are roosters, so that our kids do not get attached again. I have tons of other pictures, if you want to see more. Also, we are in Boise, and I could bring the chicks down to the campus for inspection, if need be.

Ada County Idaho

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It is a little early to definitively sex the chicks without watching their behavior. One definitely looks like a female, but the other two are not so clear. If they are males, they should soon be starting to try to crow and fight each other. I don't think there is a poultry specialist in your area (Idaho), so taking the chicks to that campus will probably not help much. You may have an Extension agent in Idaho that has poultry experience - check with your local Extension office.

Thank you for your reply! Which chick do you think looks like a female? The Light Brahma? It's the Silver Lace Wyandotte that I am most worried about.

Without observing behavior it's hard to tell. The white chick in the background of the photo with the two light colored chicks. The two in the additional photos could be females, but I'd need to see their behavior to confirm. Watch how they interact with each other and note any attempts at crowing.