crab grass

Asked July 20, 2013, 5:23 PM EDT

How do I get rid of crabgrass

Kent County Delaware

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The best crabgrass control is a good, thick, healthy lawn. Crabgrass is an annual that comes up from seed each year. You can treat now with a selective post emergent herbicide to kill the current plants. These materials are most effective on small plants. There are many products that indicate that they are post-emergent crab grass killers and most garden stores carry them. In the spring, you should use a pre-emergent crab grass preventer. A split application of the pre-emergent herbicide will help with longer control of crabgrass. These materials work by preventing the seeds from germinating. Always refer to the label of the product you are using. Several good references for weed control and best practices for a healthy lawn are available: and