How to deal with a listless hen

Asked July 20, 2013, 10:21 AM EDT

I have a small flock of 5 different breeds, all hens. One hen has become listless, not coming off the roost or hanging around in the corners of the coop and/or the outside the fenced-in area of 500 sq ft. She has small to almost negligible wattles, and I am afraid she will starve to death. Is there anything I should be doing for her?

Boulder County Colorado poultry

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When we have a chicken acting this way, it is usually sick, and the other chickens begin picking on it. I would suggest that you separate her from the other hens, maybe putting her in a small pen where you can monitor her feed intake. Then I would suggest getting some antibiotics (Aureomycin) and placing them as directed in her water. See how she responds.

Aureomycin is usually available at most feed stores and is a good general antibiotic. If Aureomycin is not available, there are other antibiotics out there—just make certain whatever you use is labeled for poultry.

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