Banana tree

Asked July 18, 2013, 4:48 PM EDT

My banana tree leaves have a rust colored covering on them. I used a fungicide spray to no avail. They are receiving plenty of water and are about 5 years old.
My only thought is that maybe from a termite treatment into the soil may have something to do with this. The elephant ear plant near them is also suffering from something, no rust to the leaves. I have another plant in a different area and so far no problem on it's leaves. Any help in this matter I would appreciate. Thanks.

Fannin County Texas

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Is there any way you can send a photo. As with most, if not all diseases and in their treatment with a fungicide, you will want to treat more than once. You really need to treat two to three times to get 100% control, if it is controllable. Try to send a photo, attached a digital picture. Hope this helps!