green moss on tank

Asked July 16, 2013, 2:32 PM EDT

I have a tank on my property just a rain fed 250 foot by 100 foot tank. It has a large amount of green substance perhaps moss or fungi Im not sure on top of the water. How would I get rid of this green substance on waters surface without it effecting of any animal were to drink from it. I do not currently use it as a watering tank and it is mostly all shaded by trees. Any help you might give me would be appreciated.
Thank you Jeanna Patterson


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Sounds like algae. Without using chemicals, it can be physically removed by pulling it out or using a rake or window screening. (Try to get the local football team to pull it out since algae is more tha 90% water and heavy.) It can be composted. Algaecides can be used that have no restrictions on use around animals See the following.

Copper or a peroxidde herbicides probably are best.

The build up of organic material at the bottom of the tank is a nutrient source for future algal growth. The material can be pumped out.
Sunlight resulting in algae can be limited by covering as much of the surface of the tank with plstic lying on top of milk jugs which will also limit evaporation. Aquatic dyes can be applied to reflect the sunlight wavelengths needed for algal growth. Agitation of the water surface by.aeration will also cut back on available sunlight reaching the bottom of the tank.