Great Horned Owl Decimating Chickens

Asked July 15, 2013, 9:36 PM EDT

I have a friend whose chickens are being decimated by a great horned owl. They lock up the chickens at night, but the owl has figured out how to get into the shed. Can they do anything to deter the owl?

Allen County Indiana

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I think the best solution would be to find out how the owl is getting into the shed and close the hole. If an owl can get in, there's a good chance that other predators (raccoons, etc.) will be able to get in, too.

I have heard of some people having success with red lights. Some companies sell these, or you could try using holiday lights. Placing these around the pen may help deter nighttime predators.

Since owls are protected, there's usually very little you can do that might harm the owl. You might be able to contact your state's department of natural resources (or a similar department, depending on the state) and see whether they have a wildlife damage specialist. I think they will suggest tightening the enclosure, too, before they will resort to harming the owl.