I live in a new subdivision of only a few homes. The longest homeowner has...

Asked July 15, 2013, 8:30 PM EDT

I live in a new subdivision of only a few homes. The longest homeowner has lived there for more than eight months, and my husband and I have only lived there for two months. All of us have private wells and had approved, potable, odor-free water until around 4 July 2013. At that point, we all noticed that we have a strong acrid smell coming from all faucets (to include those that are used multiple times per day). The smell can stay on your hands after you wash them. What is particularly concerning is that we all started smelling it at the same time, which should rule out individual well issues. Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Charles County Maryland

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Any time there is a new odor, taste or appearance of water the water should be tested. Check with the county health department regarding how to get a test done and what to test for. The fact that there are a number of other homeowners are having the same problem means this likely is an aquifer issue and makes it more likely that the county health department will have some experience with whatever this particular issue is and therefore they should know what to test for and also how to mitigate the problem. Being a new subdivision, all of these wells should be in the same confined aquifer and the properties of that aquifer and location are likely well known. Note that in most cases odors in water from confined aquifers are not health issues, if that is any consolation.