What grass to use.

Asked July 15, 2013, 11:40 AM EDT

Due to the drought and oak wilt , i have had to remove 22 large oaks from a stand of trees in my front property.I still have many Elms some oak left. This has opened up the area to the sun and I am trying to decide which perennial grass seed I can apply to the area which still gets shade and sun throughout the day. Of course it needs to be heat and drought tolerant also. I am considering a tall Fescue , either Rebel or Houndog 6. May have to much shade for centipede.Please advise

Bell County Texas

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Sorry for the loss of the trees.

Fescue and centipede are not good choices. Fescue requires too much water and centipede is slow growing.
Zoysia ‘Palisades’ and St Augustine are the best lawn grasses for sun and shade. Unfortunately neither of these lawn grasses are started from seeds. These grasses are vegetatively propagated and planted by sod or plugs. You can purchase sod at local garden centers or if you need a lot, from one of the lawn grass retailers in the area. These retailers will also give a price for laying the sod. The only lawn grasses that are grown from seed in this area are Bermuda and Fescue. Bermuda does not grow well in the shade. Fescue is a cool season grass and requires a lot of water to stay green during the summer.