sick shrubs

Asked July 15, 2013, 10:26 AM EDT

I have a variety of decorative bushes in front of the house. Don't know what they are, they were there when I bought five years ago. One particular species is suddenly dying. Second shrub in the image the first / worst plant. The second and fourth bushes are the same kind. The second one is the sickest but they are all starting. I may have to dig them all out. What is killing them?

Kent County Delaware

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Without seeing the plants it is difficult to tell, but they may be Japanese holly. You may take a sample in to the UD Kent County Extension Office at the Paradee Center south of Dover. Please include a twig sample that shows a margin between healthy and affected, and use a trowel to dig up a few roots close to the shrub. I would be interested to know about the drainage in that bed, as it may be related to saturated soil, which could lead to root rot. Have there been ice melting chemicals used on that sidewalk?

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