Hi, My name is drew and I currently bought wean pigs and have gotten them to...

Asked July 14, 2013, 11:20 PM EDT

Hi, My name is drew and I currently bought wean pigs and have gotten them to about 90 pounds as of today. Their average daily gain is at .70 pounds per day. How long until I reach my target weight of 260 lbs?

Hardin County Iowa

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Many things can influence average daily gain (ADG) including breed/genetics, sex, environmental conditions and feed content. In general commercial hogs have ADG higher than what you are experiencing, but it is hard to judge what ADG should be without knowing the age of the pigs. It would help to know how old your pigs are. Commercial industries are growing pigs to market weight in about 230 days.

Here is a link to a publication from the National Pork Board that contains gain numbers for swine in various stages of growth. These are industry-wide numbers derived from a large number of commercial units. Remember that these units offer the best in managing efficiency. Often smaller producers cannot match this level of gain due to facility, genetic or feed constraints.

It would probably help you to compare your pig age with those in these tables using the knowledge of when pigs generally enter different types of production facilities:
- Commercial pigs are weaned before 21 days of age and enter a Nursery or a Wean-to-Finish building. Pigs that are weaned to a Nursery building are moved around day 66 of age to a Conventional Finisher to be raised to market weight.
-The table on Nursery pigs (Table 3) show that the average stay in the nursery is now 46.0 days (46 days in nursery plus 20 days when weaned means the pigs are about 66 days old when they leave the nursery). The pigs leave the nursery around day 66 of age and weigh an average of 50.7 pounds with ADG of 0.82 pounds. I'm sure your pigs must be older than this.
-You can look at Table 2 to get a feel for what ADG could be. I would hope that this information could help you to project timing for your pigs.

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss this further. Sorry this took a few days to answer. The system assigned the question to me automatically but I was away from the office.