ID wildflower

Asked July 14, 2013, 11:17 PM EDT

I came across this flower on the shore of lake Cooper in east Texas. My first thought was Fiddleneck, but I can't find an image that matches, nor can I find it on wildflower websites. It was a small plant, there were only a few. Under a foot tall and wide. This was in full sun. The lake was low, likely this are is under water in early spring. It was blooming and seeding in mid July. There were multiple composite flowers which faded from violet to white along the stock. The stock curved. Seeds were small and brown, leaves were medium green. The plant seemed fairly compact overall, not branching. Thanks.

Hopkins County Texas

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I check with some of my Master Gardeners and they said that it looks like a rouge-plant, which is in the pokeweed family. Hope this helps!