These walking cocoons have shown up in my garden. They are on cyprus, hostas,...

Asked July 14, 2013, 6:21 PM EDT

These walking cocoons have shown up in my garden. They are on cyprus, hostas, lily trope andeven hanging from the sides of my home. Please help me identify these. Thank you!!!

Charles County Maryland trees and shrubs insect identification bagworms

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The cocoons you are referring to are bagworms. Thank you so much for sending a great photo. The following link will explain what they are, These insects can be very destructive, especially on evergreen trees. Controlling them on your evergreens is necessary. They have been active in your yard for about a month or so and because they are fairly large Bt will not be effective. You can use an insecticide that contains Spinosad. There are a few on the market. Go to a well stocked hardware store, nursery or a garden center to look for it.


Thank you SO MUCH for fast resonse! yes, One of my Evergrees is dead now but them seem to like everything!

Their damage is the most serious on evergreens. You really do need to address these pests. Also monitor your landscape next year. A heavy infestation such as you are experiencing now would be very difficult to control in just one year. They begin to hatch in late May to early June depending on the weather. During the fall, winter and spring if you see any of the sacs hanging on your tree pull them off and put them in a container of soapy water then dispose of them. You can contact us again in late spring so we can give you an update on the hatching time of the bagworms next season.

Thank you. I certainly will do that. I've already sourced the proudcut. Wanted the Spinosad but no one here seems to have it. Will a thuricide product work? The nursey said it would or can I wait for a mail delivery of the spinosad from Garden's Alive?

Gladyou liked the pic!