long term economical commitment.

Asked July 13, 2013, 11:17 AM EDT

If you ever considered to built a new barn:300 milking heads (8-10000kg) for 10years.
"green house built type/ transparent roof/ zero grasing /équatorial climat"
1rst: free stalles with robots (feed/clean/milk) minimum every thing...
2nd: Compost dairy barn (parcialy caïbotti/tractor) and every thing...
What will be; without any technical miss ever possible...the choise...
* Workers managment not family managment.
Have a cup of milk, is good for you!...
Xavier. From Brasil.

Outside United States

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Xavier, If I understand you correctly you are interested in building a 300 cow dairy in either a compost pack housing or sand bedded freestall barn and using robotic milkers.

I'm no expert on tropical dairying but I am married to a Brasileira and I have spent some time in Minas Gerais.

Compost pack buildings work well for that size of dairy if you have a good cheap carbon source such as sawdust. See: http://www.uky.edu/Ag/AnimalSciences/dairy/bewley/bewleyfactsheets.html

If you have cheap sand, a deep sand bedded freestall may be the best choice for cow comfort and health. http://asi.ksu.edu/p.aspx?tabid=904

For info on robotic milkers see: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/dairyteam/milking-systems

Robotic milkers may not be the cheapest way to milk cows. I would look hard at raising the productivity of conventional parlors first.

If I can be of further help, my contact info is: Joe Horner, Extension Dairy Economist, Missouri. hornerj@missouri.edu