Dying shrubry

Asked July 9, 2013, 9:40 PM EDT

I have several shrubs planted in a grouping in a corner of my home surrounded by a sidewalk. One shrub is slowly dying. At first I thought my sprinkler system may not be watering it sufficiently, so have been providing additional garden hose water. I have now decided that there must be an unseen pest eating the life out of the plant. The monkey grass bordering the sidewalk also shows some yellowing. I have tried fertilizer on the boarder grass and more watering; that did not help. Would chinch bugs or grubs cause this kind of problem and what should I try to eradicate the pest?

Bell County Texas

2 Responses

It is unlikely that chinch bugs or white grubs are the cause of the shrub damage. It is possible that it may be some type of fungus causing the decline. I would recommend taking photos and sending them to your area Extension Office (they should have Master Gardeners that can help you) or maybe collecting samples and taking them into the office.

Thank you for your response. Maybe I have been watering them too much and thereby causing the fungus to grow more. I will investigate the problem with the local office.