To whomever: I recently bought a new house in Levitt Bowie (for reference),...

Asked July 8, 2013, 1:29 PM EDT

To whomever: I recently bought a new house in Levitt Bowie (for reference), which has a variety of landscaping existing. One of the shrubs appears to be a mature (very mature) Eunonymus Grandifolius. It was a bit overgrown, so I got to trimming it yesterday. Once I sheered it back from where it was intruding on my porch, I noted it is significantly infected with gnarly growths. It appears to me (I am not noted for green thumbs) that the shrub is thriving, but it has these growths ALL OVER it.. (perhaps "crown galls?") Is it something to be concerned about? Is it treatable? Does the shrub need to be removed? Any feedback you could provide would be welcome.. Thanks, Paul

Prince George's County Maryland

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This looks like crown gall of euonymus, which is caused by the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens, which can affect both the roots and stems. You should cut out and destroy the stems on which they occur, and disinfect your pruning shears between cuts with 70% denatured alcohol. This can be a seriously damaging disease for euonymus. Heavily infected plants may need to be replaced/disposed of.


Thanks for the info. I suppose a new project is in order..