who pays the cost involved with maintenace of a right-of -way water easement

Asked July 5, 2013, 11:05 AM EDT

I bought property that contains a water right-of-wayon it two years ago. the easement is 27 years old. The rancher wants to replace the water pipe with a new one, and there are trees located within the easement that apair to be as old, if not older than the easment. As I did not place them on the easement. who is resposable for the cost of removing them? I know that the trees may be obstruction how ever I did not place them nor has the easement owner maintained the easement.
After maintenace/replacement of pipe with in easement which is located on my property. who is resposable to restore landscaping, such as grass, sprinklers that were damaged during the pipe replacement?

Montrose County Colorado

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For some reason, I received your question and I'm headquartered in SW Missouri. Since property rights differ from state to state, it would be best if you contact your local Colorado State University Extension office. They may be able to answer your question or refer you to an Extension specialist who is more familiar with Colorado property law. The Montrose County Extension phone number is (970) 249-3935.

Good luck with your issue.