Tomato plant problems

Asked July 3, 2013, 8:00 PM EDT

Two of my tomato plants look very healthy and produce lots of blossoms but the stem right above the blossom dries up and falls off so no fruit develops. What's going on and can I stop this?

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Good afternoon,
To make sure I have the facts correct, your tomato plants look healthy and are producing a lot of blossoms, then the blossom dries up and the plant does not set fruit. Tomato pollination is temperature dependent. Too cold or too hot temperatures the plants will not set fruit.

As stated in the CSU publication – GardenNotes #717: “If nighttime temperatures drop below 55% F, pollen fails to develop and flowers that open the following in morning will not set fruit…… If daytime temperatures reach 900 F by 10 a.m., blossoms that opened that morning abort.”

The following link will take you to this publication, page 6 talks about pollination and summer temperatures:
Since this problem is caused by temperature this is not a factor you can control. Since the plants are healthy they should produce more blossoms and then set fruit.

Hope this information is helpful.