Nutrient application for celeriac

Asked July 3, 2013, 3:41 PM EDT


I am an extension agent in West Michigan, working for Michigan State University. One of our growers has started producing celeriac (a.k.a. knob celery or celery root) on muck (i.e., high organic) soil, and has asked for nutrient recommendations. While I've found recommendations for an amount to apply, I'm unsure what to recommend in terms of method, timing and number of applications. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.

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There is little information on celeriac itself. However it is the same species as celery and is also in the carrot family. So my advice is to follow the fertilizer regimes for those crops. Most of what I found suggested fertilizing monthly via side dressing (info from websites listed below).

Looks like this might be a good research project for you and the farmer to undertake and share the results with others. Best of luck and let me know how the crop does this year.

Library 4 Farming recommended two or more side dressings of nitrogenous soluble fertilizer throughout the growing season, but also suggested use of soil tests to direct fertilizer regime -

National Home Gardening Club suggests fertilizing monthly -

Home Gardening Series from U of Arkansas suggests fertilizing monthly -