Huge plant no tomatoes

Asked July 2, 2013, 1:41 PM EDT

In my earthbox I have planted two tomatoes one is Gypsy and the other a BeffSteak,. both are over 7 feet tall, the gypsy is loaded with tomatoes and blooms, the beefsteak is loaded with blooms and not one single tomatoe. What can I do? Thanks,
Jim in Colorado Springs

El Paso County Colorado fruits and vegetables

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Thank you for your question, Jim.

7 feet tall? WOW.

What date did you plant them?
How many days did the seed packet list until harvest?
Have you used any fertilizer?

Without actually seeing the plants It sounds to me like the tomatoes should be forming from the blossoms any day now.

I started them inside in January, I mixed the earthbox soil with an organic potting mix-spangum mulch, I also mixed dolomite in the top two inches of soil and and have used organic fertilizer. There are two planted together one a gypsy variety the other a Beefsteak. The gypsy is loaded with tomatoes the beefsteak Does have plenty of blooms but no tomatoes.

Please tell me exactly what is in the organic fertilizer you use. Is there a number on it....for example 2-2-2?