tomato plants

Asked July 1, 2013, 7:23 PM EDT

My tomato plants are flowering but the flowers are browning rather than turning into fruit. What is wrong and what do I do?

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There are 3 fact sheets on the website
Plantalk 1442; Fact sheet 2.949 and Garden Notes 718

Hopefully from there you might be able to diagnose the problem and treat accordingly

Hope that helps

I read those pages which did not address my question.

You do not mention how you are fertilizing your tomatoes, but it's possible that an excess of nitrogen could be causing the problem.Another reason might be the hot, dry weather. Tomatoes do not set fruit easily when temperatures are above 90 degrees. The pollen becomes sticky and pollination becomes difficult, causing the blossoms to not set. You could try using some shade cloth to shade them from the heat of the day and see if that helps.Giving your tomatoes good, deep watering, rather frequent, shallow watering is also helpful.Good luck!Shelley Boulder County Master Gardener