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Asked July 1, 2013, 11:39 AM EDT

Hi, Some of my raspberries (Amity) have very few globes on the berries. What causes that?

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Raspberreis have been having problems this year due to: too hot, too cold; too wet and now too dry.

The usual answer for few seeded druplets - is poor pollination during the wet periods this spring/pre swummer.

Thanks Ross for the timely response.
Interestingly, it seems to only have happened on some bushes of raspberries, not all and not all varieties (Anne-yes a few, Amity-yes fewer, Willamette-no) and no problem with the Marionberries. However it is nice to know that it's not something I have any control over. I do have a gazillion bees (lots of poppies!). Thanks again, Michael

It is truly amazing how one or two days in time can make such a huge difference in pollination, plus different varieties react differently to weather conditions also.

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Now I'm wondering about strawberries. I have TriStar, Seascape, Sequoia and Willamette (the latter two are NOT recommended). They're about three years old and while I had a great first blush for a couple of months on the Tri and I noticed there's nothing coming up! They've regularly produced well into November, so I'm wondering if the same issue you noted about the raspberries applies to the strawberries?
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It just got tooooo hot for the strawberries to produce fruit; more of a just survive mode right now.

The Seascape and Tristar should get back into production as the weather moderates back to more normal temps.


Well thanks again! That's a relief. I usually have a a lot of very tasty 'berries and it's encouraging to know they'll come back.

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Glad we could be of help.